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Nishimatsuya Anpanman Training Pants - Set of 3


Training pants are distinct from diapers in that they mimic underwear and do not require complex fastening, so children can be changed standing up or even independently without adult assistance.

Studies have shown that the use of training pants instead of diapers can be effective in speeding up toilet training.

Training pants are great for containing leaks, but don't mask the wetness.
Designed to absorb ONE average sized pee to reduce wetness leaking out onto your furniture, floor and clothing.


- Centre: 4 layer, 100% Cotton (absorbent terry material)
- Outer Layer: single layer, 100% cotton
- Machine Washable
- No Bleach, No Softener
- Imported


- The washing/ care of training pants is similar to cloth diapers
- Pre-soak soiled diapers, warm wash, if required with minimum amount of detergent - remember, no softener!
- Double rinse (cold/ warm)

** Hand-washing will keep your training pants in the best condition

Size Guidelines:

90cm: Waist 32-48cm stretchable, thigh28cm, crotch-waist 19.5cm (recommended 11-12kg)
95cm : Waist 36-56cm stretchable, thigh 30cm, crotch-waist 21.5cm (recommended 12-14kg)
100cm : Waist 38-60cm stretchable, thigh 32cm, crotch-waist 22.5cm (recommended >14kg)

OUR PRICE: RM28 (set of 3) - Cheapest in the market!

AVAILABLE in 3 colours:

1. Neutral/ Yellow
- Size 90
- Size 95 (SOLD)
- Size 100

2. Blue
- Size 90 (SOLD)
- Size 95
- Size 100

3. Pink
- Size 90
- Size 95 (SOLD)
- Size 100

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